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  • 作家相片提子墨 Tymo Lin

The 3rd Part of the Stars of Heaven - Synopsis

A legendary Welsh prose collection from the Middle Ages; Six pebbles with the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc symbols; Two dragons released by the 7-year-old wizard, Merlin; A walking-witch figure hidden in the tube map of London; The most deranged murders that irritated the Queen of England; The force of 'Rose & Griffins' are awakening!

The first Taiwanese author who qualified to join both the Crime Writers' Association (UK) and the Crime Writers of Canada professional author memberships.

U. N. D. E. R. (Undercover National Detectives Enigma Resolutions), a detective team which is led by Princess Gabrielle, from the House of Windsor in England, with different talents and abilities to track down unsolved crimes and cold cases in Europe and worldwide. A brand new style of crime novel that merges with 'Mission Impossible' and Honkaku mystery attempting to create a whole new formula and vision of the detective series!


Infamous serial tube station murders are cruelly happening in London. The murders are abnormal and unrelated but they all appear to have a similar clue connecting them – a pebble with the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc symbol.

  • The cocooned nymph murder using the ᛗ symbol at Mile End station

  • The burning death murder using the ᚹ symbol at Notting Hill Gate station

  • The eye piercing murder using the ᛏ symbol at Canary Warf station

  • The death by silicone murder using the ᚢ symbol at Oxford Circus station

  • The railway corpse murder using the ᛋ symbol at Bow Road station

  • The dangling remains on the spider web murder using the ᚾ symbol at Tower Hill station

 The Tube Map of London
The Tube Map of London

The group U.N.D.E.R. has been recruited by the mysterious 'Rose & Griffins' and organized by the intentioned unknown sponsor, D. L. L. (Daddy-Long-Legs). Princess Gabrielle of Worcester, the maverick of the Windsor family and a big fan of detective mysteries, is the youngest daughter of Prince Howard, The Duke of Worcester. She and her like minded online pals stumble into their detective missions through serendipity. They have abbreviated the group's name to U. N. D. E. R.

They are: Ghostie, the No. 3 ranked hacker and the world's most famous Asian-British hacker; Leslie Moore, a former captain of the Queen's Guard; Natasha Augé, a blind French lady proficient in vocal impersonations, oral language analysis and mind reading; Debbie Oz, an undercover operative working as a royal maid in Kensington Palace, a professional makeover artist and special effects makeup specialist; Elle Doyle, a female detective and the leader of U. N.D. E. R., a character disguised to conceal the true identity of Princess Gabrielle.

While investigating the deadly kidnapping of a high school girl the members of U. N. D. E. R. become coincidentally involved in the New Scotland Yard’s unsolved serial murder cases occurring at multiple tube stations in London.

Six suspects with seven personalities, who is the real tube station serial killer? While U. N. D. E. R. is investigating the murders they find a walking-witch figure hidden in the tube map of London! It seems to be related to a legendary Welsh prose collection, The Mabinogion, from the middle Ages and two child-eating red and white dragons released by the 7-year-old wizard, Merlin……

[About Author]

Tymo Lin (Chinese pseudonym: 提子墨), novelist, columnist, book critic, and translator. Lin is an author member of the Crime Writers' Association (UK), professional author member of the Crime Writers of Canada, and director of the Mystery Writers of Taiwan.

He was a finalist in The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards for 2015, a mystery critic for, a columnist for nine years writing for Distinctive Taste magazine (San Francisco), World Journal Weekly (New York) and The Mess-Age (Taiwan). He has frequently given lectures about mystery writing to readers in Taiwan and the USA.

Lin was born in Taipei and is currently living in Greater Vancouver. He graduated from the Vancouver Film School - 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Pitman College - Desktop Publishing & Microsoft Interface study.

He became a full time novelist after receiving the mystery award and has published seven books since 2015. Lin also co-translated one of the Mystery Writers of America's books, Writing Mysteries, into the Chinese language published by Marco Polo Press in 2018.

One of Lin's novels, Wake Me Up at Happyland, has been nominated by the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan) to be included in the Taiwan pavilion at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

Published Book Titles:

2015 The Thermosphere Murders (Taiwan Edition)

2016 The Thermosphere Murders (China Edition)

2016 The Palace of Firebirds

2017 Aquatic Eye

2017 Tracing The Sun, Spanning Over the 30°N Latitude

2017 Wake Me Up at Happyland

2018 The Third Part of The Stars of Heaven

2018 Writing Mysteries (Chinese translation / Editor: Sue Grafton)

His publications, The Thermosphere Murders, The Palace of Firebirds, Aquatic Eye, Tracing The Sun, and Wake Me Up at Happyland, are currently in circulation at the San Francisco Public Library in the USA.

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已出版|微笑藥師探案系列:《熱層之密室》與《水眼》;U. N. D. E. R.系列:《星辰的三分之一》;非系列作品:《火鳥宮行動》、《追著太陽跑》、《幸福到站,叫醒我》、《浮動世界》;合譯作品:《推理寫作祕笈》。

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