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About Tymo Lin|關於提子墨

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Storyteller at Heart|用「心」來書寫小說

    Tymo Lin, novelist, columnist and book critic, Lin was a finalist in The 4th Soji Shimada Mystery Awards for 2015, a mystery critic for, member of the Crime Writers' Association (UK), Crime Writers of Canada and Crime Writers of Taiwan.

    Lin was born in Taipei and is currently living in Greater Vancouver. He graduated from the Vancouver Film School - 3D Animation & Visual Effects. Lin was a columnist for nine years writing for Distinctive Taste magazine (San Francisco), World Journal Weekly (New York) and The Mess-Age (Taiwan). He has frequently given lectures about mystery writing to readers in Taiwan and the USA.

    He became a full time novelist after receiving the mystery award and has published seven novels since 2015. Lin also co-translated one of the Mystery Writers of America's books, Writing Mysteries, into the Chinese language published by Marco Polo Press in 2018. One of Lin's novels, Wake Me Up at Happyland, has been nominated by the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan) to be included in the Taiwan pavilion at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

    Published book titles: 2015 The Thermosphere Murders (Taiwan Edition), 2016 The Thermosphere Murders (China Edition), 2016 The Palace of Firebirds, 2017 Aquatic Eye, 2017 Tracing The Sun, Spanning Over the 30°N Latitude, 2018 Wake Me Up at Happyland, 2018 The Third Part of The Stars of Heaven, 2020 Hello, from the Children of Planet Earth….. They are currently in circulation at the San Francisco Public Library in the USA.

    提子墨,小說作家|專欄作家|書評人。為台灣首位同時擁有「英國犯罪作家協會」、「加拿大犯罪作家協會」與「台灣犯罪作家聯會」PA(Professional Author)會員資格之作者。2015年,入圍第四屆「島田莊司推理小說獎」決選;2018年,以旅情小說《幸福到站,叫醒我》榮獲台灣文化部與TiBE遴選為德國「法蘭克福書展」台灣主題館參展小說之一。

    目前定居於加拿大卑詩省,溫哥華電影學院 - 3D動畫與電影視覺特效科系畢,曾任ETtoday簽約專欄作家、博客來偵探社選書人、北美《品》雜誌與紐約《世界周刊》專欄作家,於台灣、美國與加拿大三地有經常性演講與講座,致力於向海外華文讀者推廣台灣推理與出版品。


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