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  • 作家相片提子墨 Tymo Lin

Hello from The Children of Planet Earth - Synopsis

A tremendous solar flare causing the largest solar storm ever threatens to eradicate the surface of earth. A message received from hitherto unknown residents of Inner Earth offering limited space to surface dwellers spawns WW3 as surface inhabitants battle one another for survival. Unfortunately, Taiwan does not win the battle. They will remain on the surface of the planet.

Even though tomorrow I will be burnt to ashes my sweet memories of you will last forever……

Hundreds of years ago an advanced race known as the Ugontiens calculated that many years in the future a vast solar storm would consume the surface of the earth. Following the prophecies of their wise men they began searching for the waters of disaster to survive this distant catastrophe. After many generations they found Noah’s waters under the earth’s mantle in a world with the waters they named the Sea of the Earth Heart flowing above and the land below in a world reversed to the one on the surface. They built their cities and kingdoms on the land below bordering this ocean.

For centuries they lived unknown to the surface dwellers secretly protecting them from many natural disasters from both the planet and outer space. As the impending fulfillment of their prophecy approached the Ugontiens made themselves known to the surface dwellers and offered them the safety of the inner world but limited in how many due to available space. They did not conceive that this would cause its own disaster. Fighting each other for the available space the surface dwellers fought WW3 using the most advanced weaponry ever known to man. They disabled each other’s modern worlds shutting down the energy that runs it all.

Unfortunately, Taiwan did not win. Those left on the surface experienced strange events such as people and objects disappearing, some returning from death, unusual murders and demons from Plato’s Symposium…

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已出版|微笑藥師探案系列:《熱層之密室》與《水眼》;U. N. D. E. R.系列:《星辰的三分之一》;非系列作品:《火鳥宮行動》、《追著太陽跑》、《幸福到站,叫醒我》、《浮動世界》;合譯作品:《推理寫作祕笈》。

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